Mission Statement


To offer affordable Titer Clinics

To educate the public about over-vaccinating.

To advertise local affordable spay & neuter for cats and dogs;

To advertise local affordable vaccination and micro-chip clinics for all dogs and cats;

Affordable vaccinations

News & Events


Join our annual Sip 'n' Snip festival every April at August Hill Winery, 166 Mill Street, Utica. Animal businesses and 501c3 groups unite to offer fun events for you and your dog ..... raffles, games, live music, wheel of chance, silent auction, kissing booth, wine tasting, and much, much more.

We will announce our 4 winners of our Best Friend Pet Photo Contest which will be represented on wine labels.  Order your favorite wine with your favorite winning pet label for summer cook-outs, friend's birthday gift, family re-unions - all year long.



Every Spring we offer affordable titer test for $30 for Distemper and Parvovirus.  Also heartworm test for $20.  Appointments are available with pre-payment (non-refundable).  This is a community service to provide a healthier life for our pets.  We hope to reduce over-vaccination.

Popular Info

  • We advertise local affordable spay/neuter programs
  • Rabies Vaccinations required prior to surgery
  • Please micro-chip your pet(s)

Each Spring we offer affordable titer tests for Distemper/Parvovirus.  Also heartworm tests.

$30 per titer, includes both diseases

$20 per heartworm test

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No Animal Left Behind NFP

2339 N 2879th road Marseilles IL 61341 US





Titer Tests

Spay / Neuter

All volunteers


Affordable Titer Clinics

We are not a shelter.  We do not rehome pets.



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No Animal Left Behind NFP